Offline License Support in DRMtoday with Apple FairPlay Streaming

Protected video content available offline on any Apple iOS 10+ or OS X device including Apple TV. castlabs’ multi-DRM management system, DRMtoday, now facilitates offline playback with Apple’s FairPlay Streaming DRM technology.

Consumers are increasingly accessing video content on the move, in places where WiFi signal may be poor or non-existent. For content providers looking to facilitate this demand, there’s the need for maintaining intellectual property and for the distribution of DRM license keys that will allow consumers to play content while offline.

How offline license support for Apple FairPlay Streaming works?

When attempting to access DRM protected content, a DRM-enabled player traditionally requests a license key from the appropriate license server to decrypt the content stream. Specific rules define the validity of the license which can include a time expiry, detection of license copy attempts, geolocation, and connectivity with the server.

DRMtoday supports offline license support using time limited license authorisation that enables the consumer to download their content for playback, with the caveat that they must reconnect to re-authorise the license once it expires.

Offline licensing now for all major DRM systems

With offline license support for Apple FairPlay Streaming, DRMtoday now features offline licensing for all major DRM systems including Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and CMLA-OMA. This provides offline playback support across the widest range of consumer devices and platforms.

Offline License Multi-Device Support

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