New Video Player SDKs for Android and iOS Released with Additional Features

Video Player SDKs

We are happy to announce new releases of our mobile Video Player SDKs for both Android and iOS operating systems! Version 3.0 for our Android SDK has been released along with version 2.0 for our iOS SDK. Our team has been hard at work to bring you a number of updated developer and playback features.

Video Player SDK for Android: v3.0 Updates

We’ve overhauled our Android SDK to provide a number of improvements from the ground up.

This release presents a redefined SDK structure utilizing Google’s ExoPlayer. We use ExoPlayer as a starting point to cover basic video streaming requirements and layer rich features on top to provide advanced functionality for high-quality video experiences. Our API is continually maintained to ensure full compatibility, however, developing with our SDK does not require an understanding of how ExoPlayer works. Our simplified API does the legwork by utilizing ExoPlayer components for you under-the-hood.

This approach also allows us to introduce valuable new features to you much faster in future releases.

In addition, the v3.0 release brings further enhancements and added features.

Implemented Improvements

  • A smaller SDK footprint: the size our developer kit adds to your application can to be up to 3x smaller than our previous releases
  • Better detection of HDMI connections and screen mirroring
  • General stability and error-handling enhancements
  • Refined documentation to help you develop with greater ease

Fresh Features

  • Multiple player instances
  • Background application playback functions
  • Video texture views
  • 360 video playback to support new content experiences
  • Protected offline content playback using secured offline license/key storage

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Video Player SDK for iOS: New Features in v2.0

This release offers the latest in iOS functionality, meaning you receive the best development tools available for building video apps on Apple devices.

Among the new features, our updated SDK provides better performance allowing videos to start faster and is well aligned with Apple’s stringent requirements for publishing video applications to its App Store.

Streaming Formats & Studio Recognized DRM Security

You can now directly access an Apple device’s hardware-secured FairPlay Streaming DRM system when using HLS to deliver secured video. As an alternative, the CMLA-OMA DRM system can also be used as a software solution.

Using Apple’s latest “Video Toolbox framework API” our SDK is now able to access native device decoders and renderers to enable DRM-protected MPEG-DASH streams on iOS. This is achieved using the CMLA-OMA DRM system for content protection which is compatible with Common Encryption.


Apple TV Support

Using our SDK you can publish apps not only for iOS, but for Apple TV as well! Apple has opened up its Apple TV platform to allow the installation of external apps. To take advantage of this development, we now provide full support for HLS playback with FairPlay Streaming DRM protection on Apple TV/tvOS.

Reduced App Sizes

For this new release we have switched to a modular approach. Rather than offering the full-binary containing all features, you can now select only the elements you wish to include in your application. This helps to reduce an app’s file size by omitting unused components from builds. The modular structure also allows us to add new features in future releases much more quickly.

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Apple, Apple TV, and FairPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

Our SDKs are continually being updated, and we look forward to bringing you even more features in upcoming releases!

If you’d like to learn more about how our Video Player SDKs can help you create rich playback apps, please contact us at

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