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We’re excited to announce the v4.0 release of our updated PRESTOplay for iOS! With the new PRESTOplay for Apple version, we’ve completely revamped our iOS SDK to deliver a faster, more modular, and compact solution.

Our primary goal was to optimize the core components of video playback and the underlying media playback engine. The result is a lean, high-performance core that seamlessly integrates into any Apple Application Environment without external dependencies, ultimately enhancing the playback experience for users.

Read on to discover how we achieved this and how you can leverage it for your Apple devices.

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Simplifying video playback for Apple devices

Video playback for Apple devices can be extremely complex if you consider the assortment of devices available at your fingertips. From iPhones to tvOS, ensuring premium content will be displayed seamlessly across screens can be a daunting (and costly) task without adequate support for Apple’s operating systems.

Apple’s development requirements for video players can lead to a cumbersome process without the necessary expertise. Customizing your UI, ensuring Widevine-compliant MPEG-DASH playback, or integrating data analytics into your iOS/iPadOS player can result in slow deployment times and quality of experience (QoE) issues. How do you ensure additional features are deployed correctly and resolve workflow issues when they arise?

In this context, PRESTOplay has carved out a niche for video playback as a comprehensive solution compared with open-source alternatives. By offering high-quality video playback and customization across iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, PRESTOplay for Apple simplifies the video playback experience, providing a rapid build environment with the PRESTOplay SDK and developer-friendly APIs. The benefits? A robust, easy-to-deploy video player for iOS devices with reliable technical support.

Improved architecture for growing streaming demands

As the use of streaming devices continues to grow, we set our sights on building a flexible video player SDK for Apple devices to meet evolving VOD and live-streaming customer demands. This required us to revamp the SDK by changing its architecture.

The PRESTOplay release 4.0. introduces a renewed architecture that builds on top of established features. This transformation required significant changes to the API, where the application and the player state work as separate entities.

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The new Redux-based application architecture is built with the extensibility to keep all player data in one place and easily create new integrations in the future. For our customers, this means they are now able to integrate new plug-in player features without having to evolve the API.

By keeping a separate API for each new plug-in, we ensure proper data separation when creating new versions and therefore, a more stable API. We have also achieved a common configuration, which makes it friendly to other Android and web platforms. This new future-proof structure expedites developers’ work and ensures safe deployments regardless of the Apple device.

The latest version of PRESTOplay for Apple also introduces React Native support, enabling customers to create seamless video players for Apple devices using native UI components. Additionally, this update enhances analytics and ad-insertion functionalities, available through partner integrations.

Last but certainly not least, our new release will serve as the cornerstone to further develop PRESTOplay to support more Apple platforms like watchOS, CarPlay, and particularly Mac Catalyst, which is scheduled to release in the 4.0.1 version in Q1, so stay tuned!

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Our latest release comes with newly available documentation with the full changelog details. You can find it here.

After many years of extensive work with Apple devices, we understand the nuances of developing players for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. We work around the clock to develop practical solutions for VOD requirements and resolve issues beyond platform APIs. When faced with tough challenges, we provide fast support to identify workflow issues and address bugs with priority.

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