What’s New from castLabs at IBC 2018?

We’re gearing up for IBC 2018 with a number of new demos to announce at our booth 14.A14 in hall 14.

Managed Ultra-Low Latency Playback

castLabs will be demonstrating how to achieve ultra-low latency playback using the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) with our PRESTOplay SDKs and GPAC Licensing encoding technology.

GPAC Licensing

Sports, news, betting, conferencing, and other live stream events are increasingly common use cases and benefit from much lower latency than conventional streaming setups. By reducing the size of CMAF data chunks in the stream that are encoded and distributed, called ‘chunked transfer encoding’, streaming service providers can realize ultra-low latency from end-to-end.

Our sub-second setup uses GPAC Licensing Signals, a low latency multi-rate encoder and packager built for fast, modern video processing applications, and our fully-featured PRESTOplay video player SDKs.

Controlling latency can also enable interactive live content such as game shows, social engagement, and second-screen uses. In these scenarios, synchronizing latency across multiple devices becomes valuable for viewers to have similar interaction experiences. PRESTOplay helps achieve synchronization through our common latency management API by having cross-device player apps continually work to stay within the same latency boundary.

Concurrent Stream Limiting

Concurrent Stream Limiting

Witness one of the latest access control features from our extensive DRMtoday content security service: Concurrent Stream Limiting (CSL).

CSL allows service providers to prevent user access to VoD or live streams by denying content licensing and license renewal requests. This useful tool can control how many content streams can be accessed simultaneously by a given user, for example, to enable ‘limited device number’ business models.

PRESTOplay for Web Apps: Xbox One and Smart TVs

Support an extensive set of playback features and build native web player apps for Universal Windows Platform and Smart TVs. We’ll be demonstrating PRESTOplay playback on Xbox One and a Samsung TV running Tizen OS.

We’ll also have accompanying PRESTOplay demos for a wide range of platforms including browsers, desktops, iOS, Android, and Android TV set-top-boxes.

Xbox One, Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes


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