Don’t miss us at NAB Show 2024

NAB Show 2024 is just around the corner, and we’re so excited to be there one more time! Don’t miss the preeminent event for the entire broadcast, media and entertainment industry!

If you’re gearing up to attend, visit us at booth W2312 in the West Hall to to discuss everything about content playback and protection in the dynamic realm of video streaming. See you there!

Swing by our booth, you can expect to meet some of our team members, including:

Michael Stattmann
Michael Stattmann
Christophe Kind
Christophe Kind
Global Partnerships & Market Development Lead
James Hynard
James Hynard
Sales Manager
Lucio Oliva
Lucio Oliva
Sales Manager Americas
Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead Player Development
Bryan Madill
Bryan Madill
Solutions Architect
Burcin Aksay
Burcin Aksay
Communications & events manager

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Check out our demo highlights

We’re excited to guide you through our latest demos showcasing content delivery and protection solutions.

Content protection

  • Single-frame forensic watermarking: Our innovative single-frame forensic watermarking technology marks a significant advancement over traditional methods in combating a broader spectrum of unauthorized content distribution. This cutting-edge solution empowers content owners to safeguard every frame of their valuable pre-release content. It achieves this by embedding a unique, imperceptible watermark into each frame of a video, which can be later retrieved using just a photo of the video.
  • DRM for WebRTC with single-frame watermarking: Our secure playback solution provides end-to-end media encryption of WebRTC video streams and remote desktop sharing, bringing industry-standard DRM systems such as Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay Streaming, and Microsoft PlayReady to WebRTC streams. To prevent content copying and restreaming, streams are blacked-out during client-side screen recording. Content creators and distributors can now protect their valuable content from piracy and unauthorized access, ensuring that their investments are secure while users enjoy secure and encrypted streaming experiences without compromising on quality. Check out our demo in collaboration with Synamedia, showcasing DRMtoday plugged into WebRTC pipeline as a perfect use case for content protection for real-time streaming.
  • Widevine CAS & multi-DRM: Securing your IPTV/DVB streams is now simpler than ever with DRMtoday‘s specialized solution for Widevine CAS on Android TV STBs. Streamline your PayTV service deployment while saving valuable resources. Moreover, our cutting-edge DRM licensing system extends protection across various OTT platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your content distribution needs.

Content playback

  • Brand new PRESTOsessions: Exclusively available with PRESTOplay, PRESTOsessions offers unprecedented access to detailed data insights for video playback, establishing a new standard for precise cloud-based debugging and performance optimization – speeding up fixes and improving reliability on the video player.
  • Hybrid player with lightning-fast channel zapping: Experience unparalleled speed and precision with our advanced low-latency hybrid player, designed to deliver lightning-fast channel switching on OTT streams and frame-accurate switching between IPTV and OTT.
  • Low to Ultra-low latency: Discover how we’ve optimized our playback workflow to minimize latency in linear/live OTT, aligning it with traditional broadcast/multicast speeds or to experience the benefits of ultra-low latency/near real-time streaming firsthand. View our demos and end-to-end solutions in collaboration with our friends at Ateme, Broadpeak and Synamedia.
  • PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Advertising: Boost your ad-based OTT and live IPTV deployments using server-guided next generation ad insertion (SGAI) with PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Advertising. Our comprehensive client SDK suite offers advanced ad tracking, verification, and improved ad QoE, enabling seamless ad insertion and maximizing your revenue potential. View our demos in collaboration with Ad Insertion Platform, Ateme, AWS Media Tailor, Broadpeak, Harmonic and Videon.
  • Streamlined UI and player integration: Joining forces with Dotscreen, we’ve engineered a seamless and fortified streaming journey. Combining our PRESTOplay tech with Dotscreen’s UI expertise and platform development guarantees a premium viewing experience for all users with unmatched streaming excellence on Android TV and Smart TV platforms.

Content workflow

  • Secure cloud content workflow automation for encoding, protection, and playback: Experience our new post production and distribution platform/infrastructure as a service, with a strong focus on QC, localization and B2B syndication

Check out our demos at DASH-IF Space at Futures Park

NAB Show’s Futures Park pavilion is a special section of the exhibit floor reserved for presentation of today’s edge-of-the-art media technologies from research and development facilities around the world.

This year, we’ll have 2 different demos at the DASH Industry Forum space in the NAB Show’s Futures Park pavilion (West Hall – Booth W3903):

  • Integration of WebRTC-HTTP ingestion protocol (WHEP) with MPEG-DASH manifests to enable smooth transitions between MPEG-DASH and DRM-protected WebRTC feeds
  • With Comcast and Ateme: Implementation of Segment Sequence Representations (SSRs), a key aspect of the “Low Latency Low Delay” (L3D) specification designed to start playback with minimal delay and enable seamless content switching

Don’t forget to attend our Tech Chat session

Reserve your calendar for Thasso Griebel’s Tech Chat Theater session, where he will introduce the new PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Advertising, and how it optimizes Ads-supported OTT and live IPTV services with next gen “Server-Guided” ad insertion support.

PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Ads with next gen SGAI support

Speaker: Thasso Griebel
When: Sunday 14 April at 3:00 PM
Where: Tech Chat Theater / Connect Zone, West Hall (Booth W3943D)

Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead Player Development

Join us for the happy-hour

We’re teaming up with our friends at NPAW and Cleeng to host another fantastic happy hour! Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long first day at the show or connect with fellow professionals in the industry, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Networking event

Mark your calendars for refreshing drinks, delightful company, and lively conversation. Don’t miss out on the fun – register now!

When: Sunday, 14 April at 4:00 PM
Where: NPAW booth (W1421)

Let’s connect!

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We’d love to see you at the show! Don’t miss the chance to connect with us so reserve your meeting today!


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Burcin Aksay

Burcin Aksay
Communications and Events Manager

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