Multi-Screen Strategy with PRESTOplay

Before bed, on the daily commute, or as a holiday travel companion we’re consuming video more than ever before. Consumers have taken to their tablets, smartphones and laptops to indulge in their favorite shows and films.

In addition, simultaneous viewing of more than one screen, according to recent research by Accenture and Ofcom, is enjoyed by more than 85% of UK and US respondents.

Watch DRM secured content on all devices

Our interoperable PRESTOplay SDK’s for Browsers, Android and iOS enable consumers to watch your content on all devices, supporting popular video formats, and DRM enabled content.


Achieve continuity between the player experience on each device with fully customizable UI, and enable your content to be viewed both online and offline with our PRESTOplay iOS and Android SDKs.

More about PRESTOplay SDKs

View our SlideShare and PRESTOplay video for more information on features and configurations:

If you’d like to make an enquiry about castLabs’ PRESTOplay SDKs please email


In addition to our players, we can also deliver comprehensive multi-DRM licensing through our cloud-service, DRMtoday.


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