DRMtoday with Norigin Media’s Cloudncoder

Norigin Media’s Cloudncoder pre-integrated with DRMtoday enables cable and pay TV (PTV) operators to realize linear TV workflow migration to the cloud with ease for multi-screen delivery.

For those offering premium streaming services, the cloud provides a scalable, flexible, and secure environment for a bulk of linear TV value chain processes. Combining Norigin Media’s live transcoding platform, Cloudncoder and our license delivery network in your workflow creates a holistic architecture for hosting, managing, protecting, and streaming content – encompassing the entire linear value chain.

Cloudncoder Chart

Demonstrating the Norigin Media Cloudncoder Workflow through our integration.

The operations and service levels available along with flexible business models deliver a competitive service within the OTT space.

Migrate your workflow to cloud based architecture

Our Cloudncoder integration brings benefits for the entire value chain, including:

  • Hosting and managed services for premium linear channels that have additional requirements such as catch-up and DVR
  • Cloudncoder platform has access to downlink most European satellite feeds and is pre-integrated to CDNs
  • Tested and broadcast grade integration which is ready to be implemented on linear channels for cable companies, broadcasters and PTV operators
  • Complete backend for license authorization based on libraries provided by castLabs
  • Simple hosting business model for linear channels which is fixed and based on per channel, per month
  • Operators can order channels with Cloudncoder’s defined transcoded profiles, with content protection enabled across both HLS and MPEG-DASH streams – a single integration serving all major DRM technologies.
  • CDN agnostic – works with your preferred CDN solution or multiple such CDNs for optimal delivery.
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Discuss our Cloudncoder pre-integration

Realize workflow migration to the cloud for linear TV value chain processes and content license management.

Enquire with our sales team at sales@castlabs.com.


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