DRMtoday with Keepixo’s Genova Origin and Genova Live

Keepixo’s Genova Origin and Genova Live pre-integrated with DRMtoday helps encode, package, record, protect and control access to your content without time-intensive deployment or hassle over workflow interoperability.

Streaming service providers have to fulfil a large number of requirements from studios and end-users for secure OTT delivery, sometimes facilitating services such as catch-up TV, nPVR, start over TV or time-shift TV. Keepixo’s Genova Live, Genova Origin and DRMtoday are agnostic, interoperable solutions that fulfil these requirements without the need to migrate away from existing solutions in your workflow.

Easy to deploy OTT packager and encoding integration with Keepixo

Use Keepixo’s multi-format OTT packager Genova Origin to prepare H.264/HEVC video for live streaming. The OTT packager is provided either as a stand-alone system, or integrated into Keepixo Live, H.264 and HEVC live multirate encoder, thus providing a 1-box encoding-packaging solution – can also be deployed as a pre-integrated appliance (AL2000, ALOrigin).

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Your output video is available in common formats including MPEG-DASH and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with encryption keys ingested to our License Delivery Network, delivered using your preferred CDN and multi-screen player technologies.

Ingested keys are dispensed to your authorized users when a request is made to the License Delivery Network. DRMtoday supports all major DRM technologies including Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, FairPlay Streaming by Apple, and CMLA-OMA.

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End-to-end video delivery ecosystem with the Keepixo OTT packager integration

“Service providers require secure playback across all devices, and they want to implement new technologies alongside existing ones without delay or hassle”, commented Michael Stattmann, CEO of castLabs. “This new Keepixo Genova Live and Genova Origin integration offers a smooth end-to-end process between packaging and protection so that service providers spend less time and money getting their content to market.”

“OTT packagers differentiate on how many technical and business scenarios they can support. We’re glad we could add castLabs’ DRMtoday, so that we cover more customer cases again, thanks to the many DRM technologies it supports and that our customers need”, said Jerome Blanc, COO for Keepixo. “Deployed for thousands of live services and under 24/7 operation worldwide, our OTT packager covers for many scenarios. Being an in-house development, we can extend it with new features in a matter of days to help our customers adapt to ever-changing OTT requirements, business cases, and differentiate from their competition”, he added.

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Discuss our Genova Live and Genova Origin pre-integration

Encode, package, record, protect and control access to your content with ease.

Enquire with our sales team at sales@castlabs.com.


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