Introducing PRESTOplay For Desktops

Let your customers enjoy offline and online playback as native Windows® or Mac OS X apps. Our PRESTOplay for Desktops software development kit (SDK) allows DRM-protected content and Widevine DRM licenses to be safely downloaded, stored, and used on laptop or desktop computers.

DRM-protected content, available everywhere

Watching video on the move is a standard practice for consumers, passing time on public transport or for keeping the kids quiet on long car journeys. Offline playback is necessary for these kind of use cases where WiFi and mobile internet is either unavailable or unreliable. Studios and content providers also demand digital rights management (DRM) to protect streaming content in these cases.

PRESTOplay for Desktops allows you to develop DRM-enabled video player applications for offline as well as VoD and live playback providing high-quality viewing experiences.

For offline playback, DRM protected content in MPEG-DASH format is locally downloaded ready for offline viewing, along with a Widevine DRM license from our DRMtoday cloud licensing service. Content can then be safely played back on the move, with or without internet – a perfect solution for your traveling users!

Applications only need to be written once for release on both Windows and Mac OS X systems!

HTML5 and Javascript, the latest web technology standards

Build fully-featured player applications based on the Electron and Chromium frameworks using the latest web technology and standards, HTML5 and Javascript.

Secured offline functionality was until recently available primarily through proprietary plugin-based applications such as Silverlight® or Adobe® Flash®. As major browsers phase out the usage of these plugins and HTML5 proves itself as a capable and widely accepted standard, you can trust in applications built on these future-proofed technologies rather than legacy technologies.


Verified Media Path Enabled


Chromium and Chrome 59 introduce improvements to the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) including a new security feature called the Verified Media Path (VMP). VMP requires that only authorized components can be used to communicate with the CDM for an extra layer of content protection to strengthen browser-based playback protection. PRESTOplay for Desktops is fully compatible with Google’s new VMP security technology.

Secure streaming across multiple devices

PRESTOplay for Desktops is part of our suite of video players for Browsers, Android and iOS; multi-DRM licensing service DRMtoday; and Video Toolkit provide a holistic solution to delivering premium video content across multiple devices.

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