PRESTOplay SDKs with Conviva Video AI Platform

The Conviva Video AI Platform pre-integrated with PRESTOplay SDKs offers data-driven intelligent video measurement and analytics architecture to improve viewing experiences.

Global consumers viewing habits are in flux, switching from the traditional fixed television set to ingesting content across a wide variety of devices on-the-go. This brings a whole new set of challenges for streaming service providers, wanting to provide an uninterrupted, enjoyable viewing experience.

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Collaborating with Conviva, our PRESTOplay SDK pre-integration with the Conviva Video AI Platform delivers data-driven insights into the playback interface, ad serving, performance issues and much more to improve your viewer’s quality of experience (QoE).

Publishers can easily harness and act upon these insights to increase engagement, brand affinity, and maximize viewer satisfaction.

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Seamless integration across all device SDKs

Intelligent video measurement and analytics architecture for all devices. Our integration with Conviva Video AI Platform is available across all browser, Android and iOS player SDKs.

Read the full press release on the pre-integrated solution here.

Unpacking the Conviva Video AI Platform

Conviva’s Video AI Platform offers three types of data-driven intelligence to help you measure success and provide actionable insights:

  • Viewer Intelligence – in-depth viewer statistics available in real time including content-related, network infrastructure, and device metadata.
  • Quality Intelligence – understand how your content is performing, identify specific issues that may affect the viewer’s quality of experience.
  • Subscriber Intelligence – gain insights into how subscribers engage with your content, validating their experience.

As one of Conviva’s QoE Ecosystem Partners, we now have access to video experience service statistics which ensures that potential player-side viewing experiences issues can be mitigated.

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Seamless integration across all device SDKs

This pre-integration of Conviva Video AI Platform with feature-led, multi-device PRESTOplay SDKs is ideal for existing and new customers alike to provide a superior playback experience.

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