castLabs for IFE: Offline DRM Licensing for Onboard Entertainment

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Fast internet access is still a rarity aboard most flights and forms of commercial transportation. Just under a quarter of global commercial aircraft are connected as of 2017, according to Juniper Research, and many of those connected planes are unable to provide reliable, fast access to internet throughout the flight.

DRMtoday Onboard is a stand alone version of castLabs’ DRMtoday service for unconnected, hence offline, scenarios, designed to license protected content for passenger entertainment systems. Whether you’re looking to deploy new services, replace legacy systems or amend existing systems to support a BYOD model, castLabs’ DRMtoday can enable studio-grade content protection.

Supports BYOD and in-seat screens

DRMtoday Onboard also acts as remote license delivery node being synchronized with castLabs’ global DRMtoday License Delivery Network.

Key features of castLabs’ DRMtoday Onboard:

  • Keys stored locally: Limited or no internet access removes the option of storing license keys in the cloud, where streaming could be disrupted and cause customer dissatisfaction with your service.
  • Utilizing minimal hardware or existing servers: Only a simple local server or repurposed existing server is necessary for operating DRMtoday Onboard. It can even be run on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Multi-DRM: Supporting the widest number of consumer screens requires recognition of all major DRM technologies including Microsoft® PlayReady®, Google Widevine™, FairPlay Streaming by Apple, and CMLA-OMA all of which are supported by DRMtoday Onboard.
  • Model adaptability: Blanket renovation of your entire fleet is unlikely to be cost-effective, you need to consecutively serve different IFE models. DRMtoday Onboard serves both BYOD or in-flight screens, just one product integration needed.
  • One format required: Both Android and iOS can be served using the DASH format, with DRMtoday supporting DRM-protected DASH playback on iOS. This reduces the expense and time demands on content production and operations.

To discover more about how DRMtoday Onboard can be configured to work with your BYOD or in-flight entertainment systems, visit our DRMtoday Onboard page.

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