IBAKATV uses castLabs’ DRMtoday and PRESTOplay to deliver secure video content

Berlin, February 17, 2020 – IBAKATV uses castLabs’ DRMtoday, an advanced digital rights management (DRM) licensing service for online and offline scenarios to protect video delivery, and PRESTOplay, software development kits (SDKs) that support the latest player features and standards across multiple platforms.

US and Nigeria-based IBAKATV and castLabs have been collaboratively working to implement DRMtoday and PRESTOplay technology into IBAKATV’s offering. IBAKATV is a video on demand (VOD) platform that connects viewers worldwide to the best of Nollywood movies and TV series. IBAKATV was looking for a flexible and scalable DRM and player provider to allow users in the same household to watch content from device to device maintaining a smooth viewing experience. castLabs has put in place a very flexible technical model that allows the system to count only the active users, rather than devices.

“Having a strong cultural and business knowledge of the market from IBAKATV and our extensive expertise in software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide, it was a pleasure to start working with IBAKATV to help them deliver secure content to their viewers both on desktop and mobile. We are looking forward to accompany them in their growth and expansion”, said Michael Stattmann, CEO at castLabs.

castLabs has been working with IBAKATV throughout the whole process of implementation, making sure to provide consultancy to overcome technical challenges encountered along the digital media delivery chain. During the development and growth of the company, castLabs provided expert professional services to help achieve video playback goals with fast problem solving. Currently, IBAKATV has an established audience in Africa and other countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and more. Founded in 2011, IBAKATV is now one of the fastest-growing internet entertainment companies in Nigeria and is currently YouTube’s biggest sub-Saharan African partner.

“As an entertainment company, our ultimate goal is to contribute in expanding the VOD market worldwide through partnering with major players in the industry. We are happy to work with castLabs to provide our viewers the highest quality African video content in our video-on-demand platform,” said Blessed Idornigie, CEO at IBAKATV. “IBAKA secures Nollywood content distribution by legally licensing movies directly from the content owners so the world could watch more Nollywood non-stop.”

About castLabs:

castLabs pioneers software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide. Their solutions enable the playback of DRM-secured premium content over a large selection of consumer devices and platforms for high-quality video experiences. castLabs’ range of applications and services include DRMtoday licensing, PRESTOplay player SDKs, and Video Toolkit processing. castLabs is based in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California.


IBAKATV’s primary business is their subscription-based OTT service which offers online streaming of Nollywood blockbuster movie and TV series libraries with over 15,000 hours of VoD content. IBAKATV seeks to captivate and connect viewers worldwide to the best of African entertainment with stories they love by creating an amazing experience that celebrates entertainment and technology.



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