Meet us at HPA Tech Retreat 2024

We’re attending the 2024 HPA Tech Retreat in Rancho Mirage, CA from 18 to 22 February!

HPA Tech Retreat 2024

The Tech Retreat, organized by the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), is one of the most anticipated events in the media engineering industry. World-class leaders in engineering, technology, creativity and business gather to explore and experience the most compelling topics around the creation, management, and dissemination of content.

We’ve secured a spot in the Innovation Zone, a curated area where the latest, often unseen technologies or applications in the entertainment production industry are demonstrated.

Members of our team including castLabs co-founder, Michael Stattmann and our Sales Manager, James Hynard will showcase two use-cases of our brand new content security technologies.

Michael Stattmann
Michael Stattmann
castLabs Co-Founder
James Hynard
James Hynard
Sales Manager

Demos on display

Single-frame & image forensic watermarking

Our innovative single frame forensic watermarking technology marks a significant advancement over traditional methods in combating a broader spectrum of unauthorized content distribution. This cutting-edge solution empowers content owners to safeguard every frame of their valuable pre-release content. It achieves this by embedding a unique, imperceptible watermark into each frame of a video, providing a critical layer of security in today’s vulnerable digital landscape.

What sets this technology apart is its capability to enable content owners to precisely identify, track, and trace the source of unauthorized leaks, paving the way for effective remedial action. Remarkably, the watermark remains recoverable from just a single screenshot or a photo of a video, even under challenging conditions like low resolution, non-frontal angles, cropping, screen reflections, or obstructions.

Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for advanced image processing, our solution offers instant scalability and formidable computational strength. This robustness, coupled with our technology’s resilience against watermark removal techniques, ensures a superior level of security against content leaks in both production and pre-release stages. Beyond video frames, our technology extends its protective reach to other image-based digital assets, including storyboards and artwork, offering a comprehensive shield for the entire spectrum of digital production assets.

Remote desktop with copy protection

Our secure remote desktop solution is a cutting edge solution tailored for content creators, enabling remote access and content manipulation with zero additional latency. It addresses a crucial concern for studios: the risk of content leaks outside the office. Seamlessly integrated with AWS, this solution is perfect for distributed teams, ensuring secure, isolated access to sensitive, pre-release video production content. It empowers creators to access, edit, and review premium content securely, all within a browser-based environment, enhanced by the immediacy of real-time WebRTC technology.

At the heart of our solution is a commitment to uncompromised content security. It effectively guards against all forms of screen recording, embedding advanced end-to-end digital rights management (DRM) to thwart digital copying. What truly sets it apart is our pioneering single-frame forensic watermarking technology. This feature allows for the traceability of any leaked content back to its source with unparalleled accuracy, even from a mere photograph. It’s not just about protecting content; it’s about giving studios and creators the confidence to work remotely without sacrificing security or efficiency.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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