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Securing video and protecting the assets across OTT platforms isn’t always straightforward or cheap, especially when studio security requirements might slow you down. Costs of video delivery and securing processes are mainly associated with content encryption, digital rights management (DRM), and quality playback provision. Nevertheless, with the right approach and technology it’s possible to have cost-effective and time-efficient solutions.


Operating DRM in-house is a costly and complicated drain on resources. With the multitude of technologies in use, this can become challenging and create barriers to the quick launch and monetization of services. That’s why we’ve taken care of the hard work with ready-to-use DRMtoday licensing that’ll save you time and money.

DRMtoday saves time and money

Our multi-DRM solution effortlessly manages time constraints and minimizes implementation costs with:

  • A simple API integration that gets you up and running with multi-DRM access
  • Already available control features (ex: concurrent stream limiting, and geoblocking)
  • Integration with PRESTOplay players and other 3rd party solutions

As your service becomes more popular, DRMtoday scales economically to meet any growth. Its autoscaling server structure makes it possible to support your service at any stage of development, offloading the licensing workload with instant playback without further significant expenses.

According to one of our customers, CDA, speed and good communication are some of our outstanding advantages. Our expert team will help you complete security checks to accelerate turnaround time when obtaining studio media and provide close support throughout the entire collaboration.


Building a video player app using open-source technology can actually end up costing more, when extra features, customer-reach, playback performance, or support are desired. Additional costs could be easily created by spending valuable in-house time developing features, troubleshooting issues, performing ongoing maintenance, and waiting for the learning curve of new hardware or even a new hired team.

PRESTOplay extends the capabilities of free solutions, including better stream compatibility, device support, performance, and an abundance of features out-of-the-box to quickly create great player apps and meet your business models. We also have extensive experience in customizing player features and can help you cut costs by providing additional features such as:

  • Ultra-low latency for true live streaming by keeping playback as close as possible to real-time recording
  • MPEG-DASH with Widevine security on iOS & iPadOS to use only one streaming format across platforms
  • Built-in IAB VAST ad insertion via Google IMA and more

Having a multitude of ready-to-use features and performance enhancements supports your developers with rapid player creation to speed up your app launch. For example, if you’re using free software, you’d need to manually adjust UI components for each separate app. Our cross-platform API simplifies the task of delivering a unified look and feel across all of your player apps without needing specific expertise, development, or workarounds for every platform.

Our goal is to enable consistent playback that works the way you envision, and that’s what we strive for and can guarantee our clients.

Widevine CAS

If you’re a broadcaster, you can also take advantage of our Widevine CAS licensing to secure PayTV STB services at low-cost.

Android TV

Traditionally, using a conditional access system (CAS) for broadcasting has been expensive with high upfront costs and a business model that typically requires you to pay a fixed amount for every set-top box that you plan to deploy, forcing you to commit to longer term contracts to reduce your costs.

Not only do these contracts have a long duration but they also include expensive proprietary device technologies like hardware security, smartcards, and middleware; plus also force you to pay for device royalties and vendor specific certification. This can drive up costs to update devices to the latest Android versions and new chipsets.

With Widevine CAS we offer reduced complexity and time-to-market with expert technical customer support. Plus, this will all come with a reduced initial investment. Learn more about the advantages of Widevine CAS and why it was developed.

Video Toolkit

Like all of our solutions, we don’t want you to buy anything you don’t need, and with Video Toolkit you can pay only for what you require. Our service rapidly transforms your stellar content library into ready-to-stream DRM-enabled VOD formats at low-cost and ideal for variable demand.

Instead of maintaining software and dedicated hardware, we’ll handle video preparation and security for you. Video Toolkit processes video content in the cloud including embedding watermarks, subtitle conversion, encoding, encryption, and packaging. You can benefit from a high quality video processing workflow without risking video quality concerns.

Still not convinced?

Video Toolkit

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