How to meet the rising demand for online video solutions?

The demand for video streaming worldwide has massively spiked up as more and more countries are in lockdown and people are encouraged to stay home (The Wall Street Journal, Fortune). Streaming platforms and internet providers have been working hard to provide a smooth functioning experience for users during the battle against COVID-19. Schools and universities are taking their lessons online, face-to-face events are rescheduling to video streaming conferences, movie theaters are stepping further into streaming media content, such as AMC Theaters, and more. The surge in demand is opening more opportunities for video streaming services as people are looking for high quality video content on multiple devices. Now that we all have more time on our hands, let’s focus on taking OTT to the next level and castLabs knows how to help you!

Fighting delays and internet glitches to provide a competitive streaming experience?

With the increase of people snuggling up on their sofa watching streaming entertainment services, the speed and quality of video streaming have been affected. Using our PRESTOplay SDKs, streaming services can build player apps that use an ABR algorithm and optimize video delivery to reduce streaming bandwidth across browsers, desktops, mobiles, and TVs. With an extensive set of built-in features, PRESTOplay “API-first” players simplify development efforts and save time and money with a reduced workflow, allowing to build-up player apps or include features in response to a growing demand for quality viewing experiences.

Growing Video Streaming demand

Spike in traffic?

castLabs’ highly scalable DRMtoday has built in logic to deliver millions of licenses every day and peak times to be served without delays, if there’s a sudden surge in viewers. The flexible cloud solution helps to avoid service outages with dependable high availability and excellent fault-tolerant redundancy. castLabs’ low-latency licensing lets the audience enjoy content sooner, which is especially relevant during the times when more people are turning to video streaming. The solution is built on highly reliable AWS infrastructure and utilizes servers near the customers to minimize key delivery time, keeping the viewers happy with a fast and smooth streaming experience.

Too many concurrent streaming requests?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people turn to watching video content due to a limited choice of activities. Having more time to consume content can also lead to an increase in password-sharing with more users trying to take advantage of services. To ensure fair streaming and the use of streams as intended, DRMtoday’s concurrent stream limiting (CSL) feature is a useful tool to deny license renewal requests (or the license deliveries themselves) if too many concurrent streams are used by a single given customer. Thus CSL is restricting the number of parallel streams that a customer is able to view. DRMtoday can manage this functionality without an interaction to the entitlement system based on the token or unique user ID of the customer. CSL can also be used to control your delivered bandwidth and associated bandwidth costs.

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