Gateway to VOD: Webinar on integrating payment methods and DRM solutions

Secure distribution and monetization of video on demand that integrates different payment methods can be a tricky process. Partnering with Kinow, a turnkey solution to manage and broadcast a video catalog, has allowed us to provide powerful and innovative tools for a streaming platform with over 20,500 users.


In this webinar our Solutions Architect, Gerard Maulino, together with Sibyl Imbeaux from Kinow talk about a joint project for LaCinetek, its objectives and what solutions were applied to enhance and evolve the infrastructure of its current streaming service by integrating different payment methods. Kinow has set in place a multi-platform management tool and we supplied our DRMtoday solution which allowed us to help them meet content owner security requirements and avoid piracy whilst answering their scalability market needs.

The webinar includes topics such as:

  • Distribution and monetization of VOD content
  • Different streaming video business models: SVOD and TVOD
  • Different viewing modes via Chromecast and AirPlay
  • Benefits of using Kinow’s API and DRMtoday

Catch the recording here!

Content monetization
Gerard Maulino
Gerard Maulino
Solutions Architect, castLabs
Sibyl Imbeaux
Account Manager, Kinow


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Vera Hartmann

Vera Hartmann
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