The future of Android TV: Exploring Widevine CAS and its applications

We’ve all heard about the booming interest in Android TV. But that’s not the only Google-developed technology that is taking the pay TV industry by storm. What is all the fuss about Widevine CAS? Why are pay TV operators around the world starting to switch to this cloud-based conditional access system optimized by castLabs with their DRMtoday solution?

Widevine CAS

Join us together with Google for an insightful session with some of the world’s leading Widevine and Android TV experts to discover the surprising benefits of taking the leap from conventional to next-generation content protection technology. Powered by Dataxis, this webinar will take place on October 26 at 09:00 PDT/10:00 CDMX/18:00 CET.

The main topics include:

  • Understanding Widevine CAS: why it is different and why it matters
  • Advantages and limitations versus conventional CAS approach
  • Integration with Android TV STBs: middleware and video player issues
  • Hybrid offerings and the cost of upgrading to Widevine CAS
  • Faster integration of Widevine CAS with Widevine-preintegrated-CBS-based-middleware
James Hynard
James Hynard
Sales Manager
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis
Business Development Widevine
Milton Mukhopadhyay
Milton Mukhopadhyay
Engineering Team Consultant
Android TV Partner, Google
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