Why is it important to have a feature rich player SDK?

OTT video streaming is very versatile. While the multitude of connected devices require device specific optimizations, each service has their own specific requirements. At castLabs, we employ publicly available specs to create transparency and customization that helps you to have an open access to the tools you need in order to create personalized experiences. Being able to adopt as many features as possible besides cosmetic UI changes, not only helps fulfill end-customer expectations, but also enables you to take your video streaming to the next level.

There are many OTT video streaming services available to users, many of which provide a similar set of features. It’s necessary to build on a flexible technological basis which enables quick iterations and inspires experiments with user experiences. Player SDKs give you tools to create engaging and fully immersive experiences for the viewers to stick around.


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Having a feature-rich player SDK allows you to spend less time and money on development and focus more on taking content to market. SDKs with a high level of customization and flexibility provide functionality that is already built into it without the need to do it yourself. Using the same player framework across different platforms also allows seamless performance across each screen reaching all potential viewers with the same content.

Fresh features

Here’s just a sample of the fresh features our PRESTOplay SDKs support and our team is always ready to customize our offering even further to match your vision:

  • Simple player API for quick development
  • DRM enabled to help you meet studio compliance
  • Ultra-low latency live streaming to provide a true live experience and keep playback as close as possible to real-time recording
  • CMAF, MPEG-DASH, HLS, and Smooth Streaming for highest quality, reliable online video experience
  • VOD, live, and offline playback to accommodate content delivery in any scenario
  • IMA/VAST and SSAI ads to improve your video service monetization
  • Customizable UI tools for easy interface changes and more
  • Built-in support for popular streaming solutions including Broadpeak, Conviva, Nice People At Work, Nielsen, Streamroot, Vimond, and more

Our PRESTOplay SDKs offer these robust playback solutions, and more, across HTML5/JavaScript platforms as well as Android and iOS devices.

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