Extended concurrent stream limiting in multi-DRM solution

DRMtoday is our advanced digital rights management (DRM) licensing service for online and offline scenarios to protect video delivery. To extend the complete set of features of DRMtoday even further we’ve improved the configuration settings of concurrent stream limiting (CSL). Previously, the CSL feature only allowed an already active stream to be automatically denied to allow a new stream to be played.

DRMtoday’s CSL feature is a useful tool for streaming service providers within DRMtoday, enabling the denial of license renewal requests (or the license deliveries themselves) if too many concurrent streams are used by a single given user. CSL helps to enable, for example, ‘limited device number’ and other business models. DRMtoday’s CSL solution stands out with its ability to detect which sessions on the DRM level belong to the same stream. This is important in scenarios where key rotation or quality switching is a concern.

You can now configure the CSL feature based on your specific requirements with a high degree of flexibility. The new configuration gives you the opportunity to choose which user streams to stop in case a maximum number of streams are reached. This allows you to stop the earliest or latest active stream, as well as forbidding the playback of new streams.

DRMtoday dashboard

These options depend on rules which can be easily applied in the DRMtoday dashboard. The dashboard gives you high visibility per tenant about licenses sent, unique users, DRM systems used, active devices, usage data per day, and more. It’s also through the dashboard that you can configure your service in a click-through manner.

“The new configuration creates more customization in our DRMtoday solution which helps customers create personalized experiences for their viewers. It’s important for us to provide as much flexibility in our solutions as possible and that’s the reason we‘re always working on expanding what we already offer. This feature gives our customers an opportunity to adopt specific requirements and take secured video streaming to the next level,” said Sabine Schwanitz, Senior Software Developer at castLabs.

All of DRMtoday’s features, including CSL, can be easily integrated with the guidance of our easy to use documentation and helpful support.

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