DRMtoday Version 3.9 Released with Additional 4K/UHD Features

We’re happy to announce the release of DRMtoday version 3.9!

Our team has upgraded our licensing service with new features to facilitate studio requirements for HD/4K/UHD quality content that we’re excited to share with you.

DRM hardware security

Microsoft® PlayReady® 3.0 support

DRMtoday now supports PlayReady 3.0 (a.k.a. PlayReady Security Level 3000) to take advantage of the DRM system’s latest level of output protection.

It’s now possible for DRMtoday to detect, on the server-side, if a user’s device supports PlayReady in a hardware-secured Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

This extends our service’s ability to deliver specific licensing for use with devices supporting built-in hardware DRM security, which is essential to facilitate studio requirements for UHD/4K quality content.

Enhanced control over output protection

The new release also enables configuration of specific video quality behaviour when using PlayReady, Widevine Modular, and CMLA-OMA DRM systems. It’s now possible to control required security levels, restrictions such as HDCP, and even PlayReady ‘play enablers’.

You’re now able to identify which device is in use for playback and determine, for example, whether it’s secure enough to play 4K/UHD content. Output protection controls can then be adapted accordingly, such as restricting a stream’s resolution quality based on the device’s security level. This is especially helpful for service providers who must adhere to strict studio requirements when distributing both HD and 4K/UHD quality content, which usually may only be played on hardware-secured devices.

This is achieved through extended device information collected by DRMtoday including: manufacturer, model, version, DRM version, security level, HDCP, and video resolution constraint support.

Improved reseller management

DRMtoday support for our reselling partners has also been upgraded. Using our online dashboard, resellers can now manage their own customers and provide them with their own separate administration accounts.

Administrator access has additionally been simplified by using e-mail based logins.

DRMtoday is our cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) licensing service. With support for six DRM systems, it provides protected video playback solutions for the widest range of consumer devices and platforms allowing retailers and service providers to reach the largest audience possible with secured content.


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If you’d like to learn more about DRMtoday, or would like to take advantage of our comprehensive DRM solution, please contact us at sales@castlabs.com. You can also visit our DRMtoday page for more information and request a free trial.

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