DRMtoday Onboard is getting a makeover: Version 3

DRMtoday Onboard is getting a makeover! We’re releasing version 3 of our offline DRM licensing solution for passenger entertainment with a complete refresh of many features.

DRMtoday Onboard is the offline server version of our DRMtoday solution for Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, and Apple FairPlay Streaming. We’ve engineered it to easily license content at low cost for in-flight entertainment (IFE) as well as buses, trains, cruise ships, and ferries. DRMtoday Onboard secures video in on-prem local host environments, areas without web access, or where keys need to be stored locally, letting you safely and automatically create licenses at playback without worrying about key syncing.

What’s new

A completely new version rebuilt using our native stack that improves performance and provides an even lighter-weight package. Moving from Java to Rust/C++ has given our software a number of efficiency boosts:

DRMtoday Onboard v3 improvements

The configuration aspect has been massively improved for ease of use based on a filing system which can be directly updated together with the content instead of requiring script updates which require a lot of time and work. Additionally we expanded and streamlined policy files for license settings making it easier to use features such as multi-key support.

Instead of relying on Java, we now support installation with Linux packages or deployment of Docker containers to give users the flexibility and freedom to deploy and manage applications to environments on their servers.

passenger screens

Documentation has been improved to include greater detail, including a step-by-step setup guide, all in one place.

We’ve also worked hard to make sure that our current customers will have a smooth transition without a need to reprocess content or keys and continue with the same security workflow.


And as usual, our solution works with Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) allowing you to achieve the high security standards that studios require for hardware protection of HD, UHD, and HDR content. For this reason, our software works with security and server architecture to help you safely bring viewing experiences to your users.

Contact us

Do you want to see our solution in action and chat with our team of experts? Visit our booth #613 at APEX EXPO in California during November 30th – December 2nd or watch an interview with our Solutions Architect, Alec Henthorne, together with Inflight Magazine where he talks more about DRMtoday Onboard and the new version we’re releasing.


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