DRMtoday Infrastructure Unaffected By AWS Outage

The recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage on 28 February 2017 affecting users of S3 and dependent services in AWS’ US-EAST-1 region took down a large number of internet services, resulting in five hours of downtime and several hours more of people-panic in trying to restore applications and resuming normal service.

While DRMtoday relies on AWS infrastructure, including the US-EAST-1 region, we remained unaffected by any operational issues during the outage. This was accomplished through a number of safeguarding measures and infrastructure risk assessment for such events which cause service downtime.

This is important for users of our service, as it ensures content licenses can be delivered and authenticated when required.

Ensuring High Availability of DRMtoday

During the product lifecycle of DRMtoday, we have improved not only the licensing service itself but also the infrastructure it’s built on. Starting with DRMtoday version 3 our infrastructure has been multi-regional, utilizing the resources of multiple AWS data centers across the world. This provides an additional redundancy layer, strengthening our infrastructure; and enables fallback on distributed AWS servers across continents, eliminating single points of failure.

Highly Available

In the case of last week’s outage, DRMtoday was operating on US-EAST region servers among a number of others, which gave us the option to take the faulty region offline during the outage and continue operating off the remaining DRMtoday regions. This wasn’t necessary in the event as S3 is only critical for our auto-scaling and not the core-essential functions of the service. Even if we had needed to do so, users would not have experienced downtime and we would have been able to restore redundancy once the US-EAST server has been rebooted.

Multi-DRM Licensing Supported by Robust Infrastructure

You can deliver comprehensive multi-DRM licensing through our cloud-service, DRMtoday. DRMtoday supports all major DRM systems including Microsoft® PlayReady®, Google Widevine (Modular & Classic), and Apple’s FairPlay Streaming as a single platform which only requires one integration.

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