DRMtoday with the AppearTV ABR Linear Packager

AppearTV’s ABR Linear Packager for OTT pre-integrated with DRMtoday helps you simplify the management of multi-DRM technologies and delivers just-in-time packaging in a single format, providing significant savings on storage.

Accessing over-the-top (OTT) delivery services over open shared networks presents multiple delivery challenges: unexpected user numbers, inconsistent internet connectivity, high data demands, and new opportunities for piracy. Any one of these factors has the potential to impact quality of playback.


The AppearTV ABR Linear Packager is a holistic solution that can adapt to changing network conditions for ingestion, compression, and packaging. Pre-integrated with our robust license delivery network, this joint solution helps you to deliver and control access to protected content across all major DRM technologies and across all devices.


This AppearTV ABR Linear Packager pre-integration has already been deployed by an established Norwegian cable television operator, and is vendor agnostic with major encoding and player SDK technologies.

Benefits of pre-integration with the AppearTV ABR Linear Packager

  • Flexible, just-in-time, standards compliant linear packager
  • Durable storage management enables catch-up, VOD and nPvr functionality, easily delivered to end viewers
  • Supports advanced adaptive streaming of HLS and DASH, with features such as subtitling and SCTE-35 pass-through tagging
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