DRMtoday: Covering All Bases for Video Content Protection

Not too long ago all content owners required of DRM was to encrypt videos when distributing it to the end customer. With the arrival of new technologies such as low latency live streaming and UHD formats, but also new legal regulations, video service providers are now faced with complex DRM requirements in content licensing contracts. Studios and content owners expect minimal standards of content protection to include restrictions on the number of parallel streams to the customer, to allow or restrict streaming in certain geographies, the ability to take down pirated streams, or to restrict UHD streaming to only secure devices.

With the growing number of connected streaming devices, operating and scaling DRM systems also has become a challenge. For live must-see events, such as broadcasters streaming last year’s World Cup final, the load of your DRM service can explode, i.e. jump from a few license requests to over 50 million.

castLabs’ DRMtoday, our extensive digital rights management (DRM) licensing service, is the advanced and complete DRM solution you need to face these content protection challenges head on.

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castLabs’ DRM solution offers a complete set of features, a service built on highly reliable infrastructure and a user-friendly interface, and support from our professional services team.

Main DRMtoday Feature Set:

Concurrent Stream Limiting (CSL)

DRMtoday’s CSL feature is a useful tool to deny license renewal requests (or the license deliveries themselves) if too many concurrent streams are used by a single given customer. Thus CSL is restricting the number of parallel streams that a customer is able to view which is a common studio requirement. DRMtoday can manage this functionality without an interaction to the entitlement system based on the token or unique user ID of the customer. CSL can also be used to control your delivered bandwidth and there with your bandwidth costs.


DRMtoday Geoblocking allows to whitelist and/or blacklist countries. With this feature DRMtoday can authorize or block customers in certain geographies to access content or deny it. For example, for the new EU requirement to allow access to your purchased content in every EU country, all European countries can be whitelisted. The DRMtoday dashboard allows you to configure by country to either whitelist or blacklist it. These settings can be done per service or per request in a multi-tenant / or multi-service setup. 

Device Capability Awareness

DRMtoday facilitates license delivery or denial based on device capabilities. For example, DRMtoday can react on the output protection – or security level of a device, something which can be managed through the DRMtoday dashboard. Additionally security level support for Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine permits the rejection of licenses towards devices based on their built-in security level. This can be useful when handling high resolution content, where studios and content owners have higher security requirements for delivery to customers. To maintain flexibility and not disappoint customers, where a user’s device does not have the security capabilities to handle HD content, SD resolution licenses of the same content can be granted for these lower security level devices without significantly harming user experience.


castLabs supports Watermarking technologies in various ways. Together with our Watermarking Partners (Content Armor (server side)) and Friend MTS (client side)), DRMtoday can help to take down pirated live or video-on-demand streams within minutes. The Friends MTS client library is preintegrated in all PRESTOplay SDKs of castLabs.

Multi-DRM for all screens

DRMtoday allows service providers to reach all screens with support for all major DRM systems in demand. At the moment those are Google’s Widevine Modular (Widevine Classic is at end-of-life),  Apple’s FairPlay Streaming, and Microsoft’s PlayReady.

Conditional Access

castLabs is one of the first adopters of Widevine CAS. This technology allows you to launch an IPTV and/or DVB offering on Android TV. For further details please read our article on how Widevine CAS will disrupt the broadcast industry.

Highly reliable infrastructure and user-friendly interface:

License Delivery Network (LDN)

Built on infrastructure that offers the highest possible availability and fast license delivery times across internationally deployed service nodes. For further details please read our article on LDN.


On top of the automatic AWS scaling mechanisms, DRMtoday has in-built logic to allow millions of licenses delivered every day and peak times to be served without delays, e.g. if there’s a sudden surge in viewers for the World Cup Soccer Finals.



The DRMtoday service is fit for platform vendors, integrators and resellers, who can easily manage each of their customers separately. Each tenant has access to its service specific configurations. For example the business models such as 48-hours-rental versus download-to-own can be configured per service; as well as reporting is available per video service.

DRMtoday Dashboard

The dashboard gives you high visibility per tenant about licenses sent, unique users, DRM systems used, active devices, failed deliveries, usage data per day, and others. It is also through the dashboard that you can configure your service in a click-through manner. castLabs provides a large number of templates that you can use to setup e.g. a VoD service with 48 hours license duration, or a geolocation-controlled live streaming service with key rotation and only three allowed concurrent devices per user.


Partner Integrations

castLabs has integrations with all relevant encoding and packaging but also platform vendors in the industry, which allows fast and robust service rollouts. Please find the list of integrated partners here: castLabs Partners.

Professional Services:

End-to-end Integration Support

When it comes to DRM-protected video content delivery, a lot of systems are involved:  encoding and packaging systems, the delivery network, the DRM enabled player, and the licensing service. As castLabs has technology experts in all those fields, we can help you to quickly solve end-to-end problems.

Studio Questionnaire Service

If you don’t own content yourself, you need to license content from studios and their distribution partners. castLabs helps you to understand and respond to studio questionnaires, and thus to successfully close your content licensing contract.

castLabs is your partner to meet all studio DRM requirements, be it technical or legal. Together with our client SDK offering (see: Players) that plays DRM protected content on all screens – castLabs can eliminate your content security risks. If you need more detailed information around your specific use case, please contact our sales team at sales@castlabs.com.


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