Introducing DOWNstream: Open-source Downloader for Electron Video

Offline playback is a valuable use-case for video streaming services to expand their customer’s viewing options. However, to provide local playback a solution must be in place to securely manage the downloading and storage of content.

DOWNstream for Electron

We’ve been working with Google’s Widevine DRM division on an open-source project to enable offline experiences with ease. We’re pleased to present DOWNstream for Electron, a free stream-downloading component for video players that leverage the Electron framework.


DOWNstream allows encrypted MPEG-DASH streams to be safely downloaded and stored locally on a user’s desktop computer. When used alongside our custom Electron build, you’re able to offer users standalone Windows and Mac desktop apps with offline DRM functionality. Your customers can then enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows without needing an Internet connection!

DOWNstream additionally supports simultaneous segment transfers to download entire streams quickly, along with the ability to pause/resume. You can also specify which resolution, language, audio track, and subtitle to download.

Access the project now on GitHub and NPM to learn more.

GitHub   Visit at GitHub   NPM   Visit at npm

Custom Electron Build for Greater Content Security

In addition to the open-source downloader, we’ve also made freely available a custom-build of Electron supporting enhanced content security features not currently included with the standard package. It’s intended to be used as a drop-in replacement for the regular Electron build in order to handle DRM-enabled content.


Our custom build adds these content security features:

Widevine CDM

The Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) is included as an auto-installation to facilitate DRM licensing and decryption of secured content.

Verified Media Path

Google introduced new security technology for the Widevine CDM: the Verified Media Path (VMP). VMP requires that only authorized components can communicate with the CDM for an extra layer of protection. Our custom Electron build is authorized to work with the VMP.

Persistent Sessions

A persistent session is the workflow element that specifically allows the protected storage and use of DRM licenses locally on a device for offline playback.

Our custom Electron build is available on GitHub.

GitHub   Visit at GitHub

Premium Playback Component

If you’re building a desktop player for premium studio content then you’ll also need a playback element that supports DRM. You can build this from scratch or use our PRESTOplay for Desktops software development kit (SDK).


Our fully-featured player SDK is a rapid development environment making it fast and easy to build premium apps. The robust SDK is compatible with both our downloader and Electron build to facilitate DRM as well as persistent sessions for protected offline playback.

Providing DRM-enabled local playback as native Windows and macOS apps has never been easier!

Discover PRESTOplay for Desktops


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