Attend our Demuxed 2023 Session

Our technical lead of player development, Thasso Griebel, is speaking at the Demuxed 2023 conference in San Francisco on October 24!

Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead – Player Development

Demuxed is an annual conference that brings together professionals and experts in the field of video streaming, encoding, transcoding, content delivery, and more. Join us for our technical discussion on stimulating an enlightening discourse on DRM technologies, with a vision towards nurturing a more robust, future-ready, and universally compatible video encryption framework.

Navigating HTML5 Encrypted Media Extensions

Thasso‚Äôs presentation embarks on a thorough exploration of HTML5 Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), revealing its practical use cases, intrinsic limitations of core APIs, and potential pitfalls. It aims to unpack EME’s operational complexities, spotlighting occasional shortcomings such as cross-platform compatibility issues, constraints on license request controls, and challenges in tracking key statuses through standard APIs. Integral error handling processes associated with the API are also critically scrutinized.

When: Tuesday, 24 Oct 2023 at 17:25 PDT

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For more information, and to register, please visit the Demuxed website.


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