DASH Everywhere Browser Player 4.0 Released

DASH Everywhere

Version 4 of our DRM-enabled cross-browser video player, DASH Everywhere, has been released with new features!

Protected HLS Playback

Beginning in version 4.0, we have implemented DRM-protected HLS playback via HTML5 for Safari browsers. Secured playback is achieved using Safari’s EME along with Apple’s FairPlay Streaming DRM system. HLS support will also be broadened in the near future to support additional browsers.

Licensing for FairPlay Streaming can also be delivered using our cloud-based service, DRMtoday, which is built-in to the player.

Updated Silverlight Fallback Functionality

DASH Everywhere includes an updated Silverlight player which can be used as a fallback for older browsers that cannot playback DRM-protected content using HTML5. With this new release, our Silverlight fallback component includes support for both multiple language audio and subtitle tracks.

Chromecast Improvements

If you’d like to cast content from desktop browsers to Chromecast, we now offer full functionality.

Previously, DASH Everywhere included a receiver application which is the playback component for Chromecast. We have now also implemented a sender application which is used to execute the casting in Chrome browsers. This makes it as simple as possible for your video service to use Chromecast!


We have more updates to our DASH Everywhere player on the way!

To discover more about our web player please visit our DASH Everywhere product page or contact us at sales@castlabs.com.

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