DASH Everywhere 3.0 Released with Edge Support

We are happy to announce the release of DASH Everywhere 3.0! Our cross-browser video player has been upgraded with a number of enhancements to provide better playback experiences for users.

Additional HTML5/EME browser support

Our player now includes HTML5/EME support for native DRM protected playback through two new browsers: Opera version 31, and Microsoft’s new Edge browser on Windows 10.

New HTML5/EME browser support: Edge and Opera

Multi-key content support

DASH Everywhere now features multi-key content support. Some playback situations require videos to have different encryption keys for different content representations.

For example, due to contractual obligations with a studio, a streaming provider might need to deliver content containing one encryption key for audio, a separate key for SD video, and a third key for HD quality. Our player now handles this security scenario which further strengthens its comprehensive DRM support.

DASH Everywhere

Optimized performance

Another improvement in this release is a smarter downloading component and ABR algorithm which together significantly improve playback experience for the end user. Bandwidth consumption has been optimized to become about 20% more efficient compared to previous versions.

These performance gains have been achieved through a more flexible download strategy with faster adaptation to changing network conditions which leads to minimized buffering times. This helps to ensure a buffer-free continuous playback experience at the best quality possible.

Greater robustness

Our new release also improves performance when gracefully handling temporary network slow-downs, connectivity disruptions, and outages by keeping the effects of these on playback to a minimum. It quickly adapts to changing network conditions and even if connectivity is completely interrupted, DASH Everywhere will keep playing (until running out of buffer) giving the network time to recover.

This leads to a better seamless-playback experience for viewers with a minimized probability of encountering error messages due to network instability.

We are happy to be bringing you new features and look forward to sharing more player advancements in the coming months!

Learn more

To discover more about our web player please visit our DASH Everywhere product page or contact us at sales@castlabs.com.


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