CPIX and the role it plays in securing your content

CPIX (Content Protection Information Exchange) is an XML document format designed to standardize how content encryption data can be exchanged between several entities in a modern distribution chain. The CPIX file contains key and DRM information used for encrypting and protecting MPEG-DASH media. The CPIX document itself can be encrypted and authenticated only by eligible parties. It was established to form an industry standard and to affirm confidentiality, also that integrity is protected. For all DASH-IF members this also sets the standard for the way the key exchange is carried out between a packager and a DRM solution.

Why should you care about CPIX?

If you’re using a packager and a DRM solution, such as DRMtoday, you’ll be able to encrypt your assets using a multi-key approach, which wasn’t previously supported across the industry using a single specification. Aside from following the industry’s best-practices, it minimizes the risks associated with video piracy by strengthening the security of your content filesets.

DRM security

castLabs x Unified Streaming

Together with Unified Streaming we’ve been working on providing documentation as well as building a solid integration between our DRMtoday multi-DRM solution, and both Unified Packager and Unified Origin. Whilst the packager allows you to prepare your content with only 1 tool, we focus on providing the opportunity of using enhanced DRMtoday features like multi-key delivery.

Unified Streaming

“CPIX support is still not generally available with all of the latest feature sets which have been standardized, but we see a great momentum within the integrators sector currently as the specification continues to be developed further,” says Christian Hartelt, Solutions Architect at castLabs. “Our goal is to offer this interface to DRMtoday primarily to reduce integration time and efforts, but we have to take into account various CPIX “flavors” and thus feature subsets at the same time. We see that our customers and partners will definitely benefit from a seamless and well defined integration with our DRMtoday solution, taylored for security and your expectations.”

“Next to protecting your content, CPIX can also help to reduce time-to-market for video streaming services. DRM can be one of the more complex parts to set up correctly, however if each part of your setup ‘speaks the same language’, i.e. CPIX, this will lead to a quicker and more reliable integration,” said Boy van Dijk, Streaming Solutions Engineer from Unified Streaming.

Video piracy can still occur even with high levels of security so it’s important to constantly improve and align with best practices within the industry, following a common and standardized goal.

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