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We’re coming to Miami! Join us from January 23rd to 25th at Content Americas, connecting the Latin and North American content business with the world.

Content Americas
Lucio Oliva
Lucio Oliva
Sales Manager Americas

Lucio Oliva, our Sales Manager for the Americas, will be available to discuss everything about content playback and protection in the video streaming industry. If you’re attending the show, make sure to book your meeting with Lucio to learn more about our cross-platform video player technology, multi-DRM & Widevine CAS license delivery network, and our latest single-frame & image forensic watermarking and DRM for WebRTC innovations.

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Latest technology highlights

  • Single-frame & image forensic watermarking: Our groundbreaking watermarking technology represents an innovative approach in combating piracy and preventing content leaks, safeguarding digital content throughout production and pre-release workflows. We empower content owners to embed unique, imperceptible information within every individual frame of a video. This innovative technology serves as a critical layer of security in today’s sensitive digital landscape, allowing content owners to swiftly identify, track, and trace unauthorized leaks to take necessary remedial action. Remarkably, our watermark remains recoverable even from a single screenshot or photo of a video, enduring through challenging conditions like low resolution, varied angles, cropping, screen reflections, or obstructions. Beyond video frames, this technology extends its safeguarding prowess to other image-based digital production assets, encompassing storyboards, artwork, and more.
  • DRM for WebRTC: Our secure playback solution provides end-to-end media encryption of WebRTC video streams and remote desktop sharing, bringing industry-standard DRM systems such as Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay Streaming, and Microsoft PlayReady to WebRTC streams. To prevent content copying and restreaming, streams are blacked-out during client-side screen recording. Content creators and distributors can now protect their valuable content from piracy and unauthorized access, ensuring that their investments are secure while users enjoy secure and encrypted streaming experiences without compromising on quality. Our single-frame forensic watermarking technology, offering unparalleled authentication, copyright protection, and content leak tracking capabilities adds an extra layer of security for content owners and rights holders to easily safeguard their intellectual property, protect their monetization models, and enforce their rights in the digital landscape.

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