Configure and Personalize with PRESTOplay

Across all platforms and all areas of engagement, organizations are seeking to create seamless, personalized experiences that instill consumer confidence. Branding kept consistent. Simplifying the user experience.

PRESTOplay SDKs enable you to configure and personalize players across desktop, browsers and both Android and iOS devices.

Player Skinning and Custom UI


Easily customize your players from minor tweaks to entire transformations of the UI layout.

Besides cosmetic UI changes including fonts and the colours and sizing of elements, with PRESTOplay scaling modes of displayed content, subtitle rendering, playback rates, adaptation parameters and many other factors can also be altered to your requirements.


More about PRESTOplay SDKs

View our demos page and PRESTOplay video for more information on features and configurations:

If you’d like to make an enquiry about castLabs’ PRESTOplay SDKs please email


In addition to our players, we can also deliver comprehensive multi-DRM licensing through our cloud-service, DRMtoday.


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