Focus on Features: Common UI and Common Player Model

Common API frameworks, a universal set of subroutine definitions for app developers working across multiple devices, improving user experience and reduce your development time and costs.

PRESTOplay player SDKs are introducing two new common API frameworks: Common UI, for experience consistency and familiarity; and Common Player Model, for achieving a common definition ‘track’ model for cross-player development.

Common UI

Common UI

UI familiarity and consistency of experience across devices, encourage user loyalty to your streaming service, as opposed to the agitation even small inconsistencies between the experience on different platforms.

PRESTOplay player SDKs allow you to make interface changes uniformly with a Common UI, guaranteeing a consistent user experience with player apps across all devices saving you time on implementation.

Common Player Model

Different label definitions for selecting video, audio, or subtitle tracks within your DASH or HLS manifest multiplies your work in reaching devices running different operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Introducing a Common Player Model removes this complexity and simplifies cross player development using PRESTOplay’s player SDKs.

Common Player Model

Common API Frameworks Remove Complexity and Improve Usability

Common UI, and the Common Player Model are just two of the ways in which PRESTOplay video player SDKs help you provide fully-featured players for a wide range of devices without exhausting your resources. You’ll find information on our other common API frameworks in our Focus on Features: Common Configuration, Common ABR and Common Subtitles blog.

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