Focus on Features: Common Configuration, ABR, and Subtitles

Configuring player behaviour individually across platforms to achieve peak performance requires added resource for initial setup and continued upkeep of your streaming service.

PRESTOplay player SDKs establish a common API framework to eliminate duplication of work, saving you time and money. Here we focus on three common API frameworks: Common Configuration, using the same JSON objects to configure all players; Common ABR, to set the parameters of bitrate qualities; and Common Subtitles, to configure identical subtitling behaviour across platforms.

Common Configuration

Common Configuration

Configuring parameters across each of your playback applications separately including the manifest URL, DRM setup, or the preferred audio or text language is wasted development time that could be spent more productively.

Using the same JSON objects across players, streaming service administrators can use the Common Configuration API to simplify configuration of playback parameters – including our other common APIs.

Example of how latency behaviour can be configured across devices

lowLatencyMode: true

When enabled, the player will stick as close as possible to the live edge. The distance from the live edge can be specified with suggestedPresentationDelayMs.

suggestedPresentationDelayMs: 0

The delay in milliseconds to maintain playback from the live edge.

lowLatencyCatchupMode: speedup|seek|none

Enables dynamic live-edge tracking to determine player behavior if playback position falls behind the current live-edge threshold of lowLatencyCatchupThresholdMs.

seek: playback will jump to the live edge.

speedup: playback speed increases by lowLatencyCatchupRate until reaching the live edge.

none: player will not catch up and continue to play.

lowLatencyCatchupThresholdMs: 3000 If playback falls below this value in milliseconds relative to the live edge then the lowLatencyCatchupMode setting is triggered (for example: when a buffer under-run occurs and the player waits for data).
lowLatencyCatchupRate: 1.1 Multiplier value to speed-up playback until reaching the live edge.

Configuration can be managed through the PRESTOplay download portal with this service ideal for A/B testing across player platforms. This controlled testing of one of two variants, for example thumbnails and grid search UI functionality, can help you determine the best configuration for your multi-device player SDKs.

Common ABR

Common ABR is the unique capability of our PRESTOplay SDKs to employ the same adaptive bitrate (ABR) algorithm and buffering logic across all player platforms.

This feature ensures users are provided a consistent streaming experience, in relation to available bandwidth. Using a Common ABR algorithm, the conditions to switch stream bitrate qualities can be adjusted for all PRESTOplay apps at once. All apps maintain universal settings. This includes iOS which other player vendors can only support via the native player with standard ABR and buffering logic. For streaming service providers parameters can be set easily, and users benefit from standardized streaming experiences with minimal buffering or interruptions.

Common ABR
Common Subtitling

Common Subtitles

Ideally common subtitles formats WebVTT and TTML would render across all platforms with identical display behaviour, However, subtitles often exhibit performance and rendering irregularity and inconsistency across platforms. Using a single Common Subtitle API, identical display behaviour of these common formats can be achieved across all PRESTOplay based players, also compliant with FCC guidelines.

Simplify Service Testing, Setup and Upkeep

Common Configuration, Common ABR, and Common Subtitles are just some of the ways in which PRESTOplay video player SDK’s common API frameworks help you provide fully-featured players for a wide range of devices without exhausting your resources.

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