Chrome Browser Version 58 Changes: What it Means for You

Google has announced important changes in the upcoming version 58 of Chrome browser, which is planned for release in April this year. These adjustments will not affect our player software, but you will need to be aware of what this means for your server-side content distribution.


Secure origins will be required by Chrome

The most relevant change for customers using our PRESTOplay for Browsers player SDK (previously named DASH Everywhere) is that all sources provided by insecure origins will no longer be supported. This means that all DRM protected content (including manifests) will only be playable through the HTTPS protocol. Any resource provided via the HTTP protocol will automatically disable Chrome’s Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). This is a restriction that Chrome 58 will enforce.


We strongly recommend all PRESTOplay customers that are serving content through the HTTP protocol to switch to a secure environment before April in order to avoid service interruption.

It is possible to test this behavior with Google Chrome Canary, an experimental version of Chrome where upcoming changes and features are applied and tested before official releases. You will be able to test DRM protected content through the HTTP protocol in Chrome Canary to see that the content will fail to playback with an error message displayed in the browser’s console warning that the EME and Content Decryption Module (CDM) has been disabled for insecure origins.

PRESTOplay for Browsers already works with both HTTP and HTTPS data sources, however, you will need to ensure that your encrypted content is streaming from an HTTPS source for Chrome 58 in general to accept it.

Read more about Google’s intent to remove insecure usage of EME.

Codec information will be mandatory

During the communication between the player and the CDM, a series of information must be set in order to acquire a license to access content. One piece of this information is the MIME type followed by the codec.

The codec information is currently not mandatory, but it will be required as of Chrome 58. PRESTOplay for Browsers already conforms to this requirement, however, customers do need to ensure that the codec’s information is present in the manifest file.

Read more on Google’s intent to require codec information.

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