Webinar: Challenges across the OTT end-to-end solution – exploring all angles

Join this webinar about the challenges across the OTT end-to-end solution beyond scalability and how we can solve them with a partner network of leading technology companies across the video delivery industry.

We are going to be sitting down together with NPAW, 3 Screen Solutions and Unified Streaming to chat about:

  • Smooth integrations for a solution that grows together with your audience
  • Navigate the vendors marketplace: how to choose the right partners
  • Move away from proprietary technologies
  • Simplify 3rd party integrations
  • Successful use cases of current customers

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Our speakers

Bojan Jovanović

Bojan Jovanović
Media Solutions Specialist, castLabs
An experienced media solutions specialist in OTT and IPTV as well as an integration engineer with many successful projects and service deployments. He has been part of castLabs team for over 5 years helping customers to solve their challenges with a focus on the content protection and content playback on various platforms.

Ruben Senor-Megias

Ruben Senor-Megias
Chief Sales Officer, NPAW
With more than several years of international Management & Strategy experience in the Telecom industry with focus on new technologies such as Mobile, Smart Cities, IoT & Media – he is passionate about helping customers understand how their data will be used to make the most effective decisions based on their needs and objectives. From this understanding, businesses can leverage digital transformation to reach their goals, not only financially but also socially, in a sustainable way.

Mark Ogle

Mark Ogle
Sr. Streaming Solutions Engineer, Unified Streaming
An experienced technologist, with expertise in development, systems engineering and IT operations. His most recent experience has been in the architecture and operation of media services products; developing and supporting an international operation which originates many hundreds of linear services and processes many tens of thousands of video on demand assets per year.

Pierre Donath

Pierre Donath
Chief Product Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, 3 Screen Solutions
The gear tween business and innovation with international product experience and deep expertise around Android TV, IPTV, DVB, Video on Demand, Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Mobile Applications/ Services, Content Marketing, E-Business, Smart TV, STB & Multiscreen.

Kirby Grines

Moderated by Kirby Grines, an entrepreneur, thought leader, advisor, and the founder of 43Twenty, a strategic advisory and marketing firm that accelerates growth for companies in technology, media, and entertainment.


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Vera Hartmann
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