Catch Our CEO’s Panel Session at APEX TECH

Our CEO, Michael Stattmann, will be a guest speaker panelist discussing common standards for in-flight entertainment (IFE) at APEX TECH, June 2017.


The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) is an international network of airlines, suppliers, and media groups committed to advancing airline passenger experiences. APEX TECH events provide a leading forum for information and guidance on passenger technology issues. Attendees will hear from thought-leaders on new technologies to shape the future of airline travel.

Our Speaking Session

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) Common Format

“Today, IFE no longer stands on its own as an isolated niche market, but is joining a broad content delivery ecosystem that integrates all content markets around common standards, specifications and workflows. APEX, the thought-leader in IFE technology, has reached out to the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), MPEG, and Movielabs—the R&D organization of the major motion picture studios—to ensure that IFE is a part of this larger ecosystem, leveraging its standards, and ensuring the integration of IFE profiles into these workflows.”

Michael Stattmann

Michael Stattmann, CEO/CTO

June 14, 2017 at 1:50 – 2:30
Los Angeles
Sheraton Gateway

Michael will be joined by Bryan Rusenko, Technical Director of APEX, and Jim Taylor, CTO of DECE / UltraViolet.


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