castLabs offers the world’s first OMA BCAST platform designed to ensure compatibility with all available mobile TV devices

Berlin, September 15, 2008 – castLabs, a mobile broadcasting technologies and services company, today announced that it is the first ever provider of an OMA BCAST platform which supports all currently available DVB-H enabled mobile phones. It is the first platform which has been successfully tested with all marketed DVB-H handsets. The platform is based on the open OMA BCAST (Open Mobile Alliance Mobile Broadcast Services Enabler Suite) standard, but is also compatible with IP Datacasting (IPDC) and all other proprietary standards used by current mobile phones.

The platform has already been deployed as a central headend component of the nationwide DVB-H broadcasting network in Austria for MEDIA BROADCAST, which has supplied all EURO 2008 venues and enabled the majority of the Austrian population to receive fifteen domestic and international TV programs and five Austrian radio programs in digital quality on mobile devices.

Mobile TV applications hold great promise as the next blockbuster application for the wireless industry; however with different broadcasting standards used around the world, a technology able to support all available devices is a major cornerstone towards commercial success in mobile TV. According to industry forecasts, approximately 462 million people will view mobile TV by 2012 worldwide.

“We are proud to be the world’s first provider of an OMA BCAST solution which supports all available DVB-H handsets regardless of vendor-specific properties,” commented Michael Stattmann, Managing Director of castLabs.

castLabs presents its technologies and services at the IBC 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, at the bmcoforum booth in the Mobile Zone, hall 12, booth M273 from September 12-16.



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