castLabs to launch world’s first Android Video Player compatible with UltraViolet

Las Vegas, January 10, 2012 – castLabs, a leading mobile video technologies and services company, today announced to be the first company worldwide providing an Android-based video player compatible with the forthcoming UltraViolet Common File Format for downloads. It is the first video player application for Android smoothly integrating with the UltraViolet online digital library, which will give consumers an additional level of freedom and flexibility to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, both at home and on the go. The video player supports up to full HD playback (1080p) on smartphones and tablet devices running Android 2.3 or higher.

While a consumer version of the application will be made publicly available via the Android Market, castLabs will also offer a customizable video player SDK tailored to the requirements of UltraViolet content providers and streaming service providers. Players customized by business clients not only will allow the playback of downloadable content, but also allow UltraViolet streaming providers to offer mobile access to the library using adaptive bitrate streaming.

The video player application and the video player SDK have been developed by castLabs in accordance to the final set of specifications developed by the creators of UltraViolet, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) and making use of CMLAOMA to guarantee the highest level of content security, seamless integration and 100% UltraViolet compatibility.

“We are proud to be the leading enabler of UltraViolet on Android devices, bringing true mobile access to the UltraViolet digital library using the most successful mobile and embedded device platform today” commented Michael Stattmann, Managing Director of castLabs.

castLabs presents its technologies and services at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, USA, at the DECE Suite/The Venetian from January 10-13.



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