castLabs continues to expand its product portfolio by introducing its bootstrapping server function (BSF)

Berlin, January 28, 2009 – castLabs, a mobile broadcasting technologies and services company, today announced that it has expanded its product portfolio by introducing its bootstrapping server function (BSF).

The BSF enables mobile network operators to offer their customers additional applications in a secure environment, e.g. paid mobile services or mobile banking applications, to increase the average revenue per user. The function allows for the mutual authentication between user equipment, i.e. a handheld carrying a smartcard, and the application server as well as the mobile network operator’s home subscriber server (HSS) or home location register (HLR) in order to establish a secure interaction and encrypted data transfer. castLabs’ BSF supports all relevant protocols, such as SS7, SIGTRAN, and DIAMETER.

For castlabs, the introduction of the BSF is another step towards expanding the current product and services portfolio and establishing a comprehensive video service delivery platform, covering both mobile broadcasting and unicast delivery such as streaming or video on demand. The company intends to offer further applications in the near future, for instance the integration of Microsoft’s Silverlight via PlayReady and a digital asset management system.

“The rollout of our BSF is an important addition to our portfolio. After having built an international client base since the start of our operations in late 2007, our goal is to provide our customers with a unique video service delivery platform that suits a broad range of delivery channels and business models,” commented Michael Stattmann, Managing Director of castLabs.



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