castLabs Becomes Co-editor of Web Media APIs

We are pleased to announce that our lead video playback developer, Thasso Griebel, has joined the Web Media API Community Group as a co-editor of the Web Media API specification.

Many online video streaming services wish to deploy their valuable content consistently over a diverse range of different platforms and devices. However, one can currently witness fractured web technology support among industry vendors. This creates barriers for the development of rich media applications and impedes services eager to provide seamless consumer experiences across screens.

Platforms and devices

The specification targets mobile devices, computers, TVs, set-top boxes, and game consoles.

To support developers, and to help provide end-consumers with a smooth user experience, a common array of specific technologies must be available.

The goal of the Web Media API spec is to specify and provide guidance for the minimum set of web technologies which must be included in device implementations. Providing developers with a reliable set of technologies serves to improve innovation and eases the burden of building cross-device media applications by improving interoperability.

Thasso Griebel

As a co-editor, Thasso will contribute his expertise in digital video, DRM, and media streaming to guide the specification.

The specification’s minimum set of requirements will be comprised of references to existing web technologies from W3C and other groups including HTML, DOM, CSS, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), and Media Source Extensions (MSE).

The Web Media API Community Group is also developing the spec in cooperation with the Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE) Project hosted by the Consumer Technology Association™ (CTA). To further support online video standardization, we have also become CTA members as well as joined the WAVE Project.

Consumer Technology Association and Web Application Video Ecosystem

Watch out for more information on Web Media API developments!


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