castLabs Assessed by Cartesian for Secure Premium Content Delivery

We are pleased to announce that our video streaming solutions have recently received Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit mark.

The content security environment is continually evolving with increasing complexity and studio expectations. Due to this, we undertook a third party audit of our products and services to reaffirm our commitment of ensuring the highest level of premium content security.

Independent auditing was conducted by Cartesian, a worldwide consulting and managed solutions organization specializing in the digital media and technology sector. Major Hollywood studios trust Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit program for reviewing vendor content security robustness.

Farncombe Security Audit for PRESTOplayFarncombe Security Audit for DRMtodayFarncombe Security Audit for Video Toolkit

Farncombe Security Audit marks are provided to businesses whose digital media content systems have undergone Cartesian’s extensive security review.

As part of the audit, our PRESTOplay video player SDKs, DRMtoday licensing service, and Video Toolkit content preparation service underwent comprehensive security checks. Our solutions’ security was reviewed against industry standards for meeting stringent studio requirements, especially concerning HD and next generation UHD content. The audit was conducted across our end-to-end security implementations including data handling, system architecture, business processes, and device hardware security.

If you are interested in learning more about our Cartesian security review, please contact us.

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