castLabs and Fastly are working together to provide extra security for video distribution with multi-key support

Los Angeles, December 15, 2020 – castLabs, secure digital video delivery solutions provider, and Fastly, a global edge cloud platform, are working together to provide digital rights management (DRM) multi-key support for secure streaming, allowing customers to acquire high-quality studio content and extend their video catalogue with Fastly’s On-The-Fly Packager (OTFP) and castLabs’ DRMtoday.

Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform which empowers developers to deliver fast, scalable and secure experiences, and castLabs’ leading multi-DRM licensing solution, are coming together to provide secure video experiences for users across the globe. This back-end integration allows media and broadcast VOD providers to seamlessly use Fastly’s On-The-Fly packager with multi-key support. Using multi-key support adds an extra layer of security to content filesets and reduces the impact of potential content leak issues, without any added work.

This improvement gives content owners confidence in the security of a service, thus extending the accessible video content. When packaging a content title to prepare for streaming, using unique keys for each individual SD, HD, and UHD version, as well as audio track, strengthens security. For instance, to meet studio compliance, a device using software-based DRM could receive only SD content. In the unlikely event the stream is compromised, the higher quality HD/UHD versions, typically only used with hardware-DRM protected devices, remain secure as they use different keys.

“Our cooperation has allowed us to be the first DRM provider with Fastly’s On-The-Fly packager to support multi-key and open up more opportunities to customers in the video world. We’re happy to be partnering and moving this industry forward to help achieve reliable, secure, and profitable video delivery,” said Alec Henthorne, Solution Architect at castLabs.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with castLabs to offer a scalable, performant, and secure integrated solution for our joint customers,” said Dima Kumets, Product Manager at Fastly. “We believe the combination of our technologies will help media and broadcast providers seamlessly deliver high-quality streaming services.”

castLabs’ DRMtoday licensing solution lets OTT businesses quickly launch monetized services without worrying about how to meet content owner security requirements. Meanwhile Fastly allows real-time video packaging in HTTP streaming formats, such as MPEG-DASH and HLS, immediately making content available to viewers.

About castLabs

castLabs pioneers software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide. Their solutions enable the playback of DRM-secured premium content over a large selection of consumer devices and platforms for high-quality video experiences. castLabs’ range of applications and services include DRMtoday licensing, PRESTOplay player SDKs, Video Toolkit processing, and technical consulting.



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