castLabs completes Cartesian security audit and CyberGRX risk assessment

Security is of utmost importance to us and the services we provide. For this reason we made sure to update our Farncombe Security Audit® for all of our solutions including DRMtoday, PRESTOplay, and Video Toolkit.

On top of this we’ve also undergone an IT risk assessment, carried out by CyberGRX. The assessment considered security, business continuity, privacy, and reputational risk elements.

These third-party audits reaffirm our commitment of ensuring the highest level of premium content security.

Farncombe Security Audit®

Independent auditing was conducted by Cartesian, a worldwide consulting and managed solutions organization specializing in the digital media and technology sector. Major Hollywood studios trust Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit® program for reviewing vendor content security robustness, especially concerning UHD/4K media.

Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for DRMtodayCartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for Video ToolkitCartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for PRESTOplay

Audit badges are provided to businesses whose digital media content systems have undergone Cartesian’s extensive security review.

CyberGRX assessment

The standardized evaluation provided us with an enterprise level assessment of our security including how our security posture maps to industry standards to add an extra level of guarantee for our customers. CyberGRX has reviewed our security policies and processes to complete a Tier 2 assessment which includes evidence validation.

CyberGRX - Exchange member: Third-party cyber risk management
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