Benefits of having scalable infrastructure

With a growing number of connected streaming devices, operating and scaling infrastructure systems has become a challenge.

For must-see live events with everyone tuning in at the same time, the load of a CDN or DRM service can explode, i.e. jumping from a few views and license requests to over 50 million in minutes. Companies look for solutions to accommodate the demand for large live sports events and high user-base VOD services, whilst maintaining low latency without buffering. Additionally, with ever increasing qualities of content ranging from UHD, 8K, HDR, and beyond, the requirements content owners have for content protection increase as well. The current challenge lies in correctly fulfilling these requirements across a multitude of viewing devices and platforms with different security levels while ensuring the best possible user experience. And that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise of a fragmented world of device platforms as well as multiple DRM technologies.

To combat scalability and increasing complexity issues, it’s important to rely on flexible solutions with a global footprint and a good set of turnkey features. Our DRMtoday service is the perfect choice. To handle any sudden surges in viewers, we provide a highly reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure to allow many millions of license deliveries every day and peak times to be served without delays. To let the audience enjoy content with minimal startup time, we utilize a global infrastructure to operate servers near the viewers, minimizing key delivery time, and enabling low-latency streaming.

24 hours of DRMtoday
24 hours of worldwide DRMtoday usage

What our customers say about us

“As an entertainment company, our ultimate goal is to contribute in expanding the VOD market worldwide through partnering with major players in the industry. We are happy to work with castLabs to provide our viewers the highest quality African video content in our video-on-demand platform. IBAKA secures Nollywood content distribution by legally licensing movies directly from the content owners so the world could watch more Nollywood non-stop.”

Blessed Idornigie – CEO at IBAKATV

DRMtoday allows customers to reliably enjoy your protected video, all while being safely secured along your delivery chain. The main features include concurrent stream limiting, geoblocking, device capability awareness, multi-DRM for all screens, Widevine CAS for PayTV STB services, and more. Our dashboard also lets you view information about licenses sent, unique users, DRM systems used, active devices, usage data per day, and others.

Operating DRM in-house is a costly and complicated drain on resources. We’ve taken care of the hard work with ready-to-use licensing saving you time and money.

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