APEX Tech: HDR formats and support in passenger-owned devices

We’re joining APEX Tech sessions during the FTE APEX Virtual Expo to talk about the different High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats, how they’re supported on mobile devices and its importance for in-flight entertainment (IFE).

In 2017 the APEX Technology Committee released APEX 0415, a content delivery specification that codifies the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) as the basis for encoding and encryption in the IFE content delivery supply chain. The most important thing that APEX 0415 accomplished was to bring inflight entertainment into compliance with, and make it a part of, the broader content delivery ecosystem of the media and entertainment industry.

APEX 0415 was subsequently updated to 0415 Part 3 to address the encoding and encryption requirements of HDR content. HDR reproduces a greater range of luminosity and colors – blacker blacks, whiter whites, greater contrast, and millions of more colors. It’s important in IFE because, unlike HD, HDR is discernible on small screens as well as large screens.


Starting with a technical overview of HDR formats, Michael Stattmann, our Founder and CEO, will discuss the new specification and most importantly, you’ll get a chance to experience HDR video on your own device. Here is just a taste of what you’ll learn in this session:

  • Different HDR formats (including HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision)
  • The advantages of different formats with dynamic HDR metadata
  • The differences and compatibility of metadata
  • Encoding to passenger owned electronic devices (PEDs) in in-flight entertainment
  • Market share of Dolby Vision and HDR10

Michael Stattmann’s talk is going to go live as soon as the expo starts on December 8. Registered attendees are also able to come back and watch it for 30 days after the event ends on December 9.

Michael Stattmann

Michael Stattmann
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Michael Stattmann

Title: HDR Session 4: A Technical Overview of HDR and the New Specification – Includes an overview of metadata, HDR on PEDs, and the market share of Dolby Vision and HDR10

When: December 8-9 (accessible for 30 days after)

Where: OnDemand Speaker Zone – Sign up here!

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