See you at APEX TECH 2024

We’ll be attending APEX TECH in Los Angeles from February 28-29, 2024!

Our co-founder, Michael Stattmann, will be available to discuss everything about our passenger entertainment technology solutions. If you’ll be visiting APEX TECH, then book a meeting with us today. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Michael Stattmann
Michael Stattmann
castLabs Co-Founder

Discover our solutions

Leveraging our extensive expertise in OTT and broadcast, we have streamlined the studio-approved delivery process for in-flight entertainment. Our IFE technology ensures seamless adherence to studio standards, enabling advanced protection of premium content and playback in top-notch quality.

DRMtoday content security

On-aircraft multi-DRM protection

DRMtoday Onboard packs everything you need to protect highest quality content to any screen in compliance with the APEX 0415 specification into a stand-alone server for unconnected operation. Simplifying security can be a money saver.

We also enable hybrid options if you’re in need of online DRM for a streaming experience.


Cross-platform playback

Looking to deliver first-class player experiences? Give your devs a serious boost with our feature-rich player framework. Whether it’s Hollywood blockbusters on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or TV episodes on seat-back screens, our flexible PRESTOplay SDKs provide unparalleled playback across all device platforms and operating systems.

Cloud speed

Fast forward to the cloud

Our Video Toolkit service accelerates encoding, quality control and content integration by securely processing assets in the cloud. Getting your media to passengers sooner and cheaper is a win-win, and we’ll help get you there fast.

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Speak with us to learn more about how we can help improve your passenger entertainment workflows.


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