Android TV hybrid experiences webinar

Learn about Seamless hybrid experiences on Android TV in our recent webinar we saved for you as an on-demand recording!

Next-generation entertainment services are hybrid and make content accessible like never before. But how do you achieve a truly seamless experience when switching between OTT and broadcast signal?

Our lead player developer, Thasso Griebel, joins Stefan Blickensdoerfer, CTO at 3SS, to provide insights and a future outlook on this important topic.

Subjects include:

  • How can player and UI integrations solve OTT and broadcast challenges?
  • How to achieve frame accuracy, low latency, and low buffering times?
  • What’s crucial to make the viewer’s experience as seamless as possible?

We have also included a Q&A section so you can learn from what others have asked!

Android TV
Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead Players, castLabs
Stefan Blickensdoerfer


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