Advertisers Target Streaming: Monetize Content with PRESTOplay

Our mobile Video Player SDKs now support ads via VAST with IMA!

In response to the growing demand for displaying in-stream ads, we are pleased to announce that our Video Player SDKs for both Android and iOS now feature built-in support for advertising.  Using Interactive Media Ads (IMA), video ad requests can be made to any Video Ad Serving Templates (VAST) compatible server such as DoubleClick for Publishers and Google AdSense. Skippable or non-skippable ads can be introduced pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. This new feature easily allows streaming service providers to utilize industry standard ad solutions in their mobile playback applications for both VoD and live content.

This complements our HTML5 cross-browser player, PRESTOplay for Browsers, which also supports ads using IMA and VAST.

Through our range of media players you can conveniently deliver in-stream ads across a wide array of screens alongside DRM-protected MPEG-DASH, HLS, and Smooth Streaming content.

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In-stream advertising trends

The stars are aligning for broadcasters and streaming providers searching for digital ad dollars, with research reports from many organizations such as eMarketer, Business Insider, and Trusted Media Brands indicating a rise in the proportion of ad spending heading towards video.

Media executives don’t appear to be closing their wallets either, with further budget increases to come and live streaming in-particular likely to see increased advertiser investment.

Ad revenue growth (US)

Why is video ad spend going up now?

Mainstream consumer behaviors take time to adjust to new technologies and streaming video is no exception. While the origins of IPTV (internet protocol television) centered around conventional television, mirroring the advertising behaviors of that medium, the growth of streaming media through YouTube and VoD (video on demand) services took place across tablets, smartphones and PCs. Early adopters of streaming video on these platforms were initially averse to seeing adverts appear over streaming content.

But as mainstream consumers began to replace their conventional media outlets with VoD services, listicle sites and online press, behaviors towards in-stream advertising have changed. According to Nielsen’s Global Video-on-Demand Survey Q3 2015, 68% of consumers in North America don’t mind ad serving in return for free content. Advertisers have observed this behavioral shift, with in-stream video advertising becoming more popular among ad buyers. In a recent poll by Trusted Media Brands, 42% of executives proposed increased expenditures on in-stream pre/mid/post roll adverts over the next 12 months.

Given these trends, it seems more businesses will be looking at in-stream and in-app advertising support. Through castLabs’ solutions, you can start taking advantage of this revenue channel with our comprehensive ad-enabled playback solutions for Android and iOS devices, as well as browsers!


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