Single-frame & image forensic watermarking

Take advantage of flexible forensic watermarking for unparalleled security and tracing of content leaks, piracy, and tampering.

Our revolutionary low-cost solution enables watermark extraction with remarkable precision from either a phone camera photo of a playing video, a screenshot, a picture, or a document even when distorted or partially blocked.

Single-frame & image watermarking

Traceable security for your digital assets

Take control of your valuable content and sensitive assets. Our technology protects visual media use-cases where tunable robustness levels can embed marks imperceptible to the untrained eye.

Studio content

Post production & pre-release

Secure your content production, editing, and collaboration workflows as well as dailies, screeners, and trailer distribution.

Visual production assets

Visual production assets

Safeguard your valuable digital images and documents including concept art, designs, storyboards, and scripts.

Tamper protection

Tamper detection

Gain confidence in a video or image’s authenticity with tamper and deepfake detection.

Rugged robustness with one image

In contrast to other alternatives, we offer a wider range of resilience using just one image. Our unique algorithm resists numerous distortions and attacks including camcording, HDCP stripping, collusion, screenshots, and screencasting.

Single frame

Single-frame watermarking

For video streaming, we watermark every frame entirely for comprehensive protection. This means our solution works with even just a snapped photo or screenshot.

Obstructed frame

Obstruction flexibility

Other solutions mark only a portion of content: If the area is obstructed or cropped, so is the watermark. We protect entire frames and images allowing identification even when content is only half visible.

Distorted frame

Distortion resistance

Our extraction service accommodates diverse geometric distortions occuring when images are captured from different angles, positions, and distances, as well as mirroring.

Downscaling frame

Downscale endurance

Dramatically downscaled images and frames can still be identified.

Filtered frame

Filtering tolerance

The mark withstands color conversion, sharpening, and other image alterations.

Compressed frame

Compression durability

Our watermark survives low bitrate encoding for video and single-image files.

Blind extraction

Blind extraction

Our method is so robust, source content isn’t needed for extraction letting you avoid the cost and security concerns of storing raw video or images.


Format freedom

Apply our solution no matter which codec, container, or streaming format you use.

Pricing that works for you

Watermarking is now more accessible than ever! Our innovative approach enables protection with an affordable pricing model to match your use-case.


Plenty of payload capacity

Our solution lets you create billions of unique watermark IDs to identify compromised media sources across a huge range of assets.

Embed bits into images

Zero-latency for live & real-time

There’s no waiting for a set of frames before embedding. We quickly watermark every single frame so they can each be immediately streamed.

  • Great for WebRTC

Secure server-side embedding

We embed watermarks server-side for the strongest protection through our powerful Video Toolkit cloud content processing service.

On-prem embedding is also available through an encoder integration or integration into automated software workflows.

Speedy cloud extraction

Extraction only takes a few seconds through our lightning-fast secure cloud service. This is especially valuable where immediate content takedown or access removal is desired.

Single-frame & image watermarking workflow

Full of features

Discover the advanced forensic watermarking abilities we’ll enable for you.

Protect video, digital images, and documents Yes
Forensic watermarking Yes
Session-based watermarking Yes
High resilience from compression, scaling, distortion, cropping, and filtering Yes
Imperceptible to the untrained eye Yes
Based on desired robustness level
VMAF score examples
Using our default settings
~99.5 (non-blind)
~97.5 (blind)
Blind extraction
Source content isn’t needed for watermark extraction
Non-blind extraction
Source content is used for extraction for higher robustness
Server-side embedding Yes
Unique payload IDs Billions +
Embedding time
Zero-latency embedding
~1 ms (depending on hardware)
Extraction time Seconds
No profiling required Yes
Codec, container, and streaming format agnostic Yes
Survives camcording Yes
Withstands HDCP stripping Yes
Safeguards against screencasting and screenshots Yes
Works through digital/analog conversion Yes

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