DRMtoday for Widevine CAS

Using a conditional access system (CAS) for broadcasting has typically been expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

In an age of tight margins, we help boost your bottom line. DRMtoday provides streamlined cloud licensing for Google’s Widevine CAS to greatly reduce the cost of securing your PayTV video service.

DRMtoday license delivery network

Cut your CAS costs

Widevine CAS provides a modern model to reach audiences at a fraction of traditional CAS prices.

Lower STB costs
  • No device royalties
  • No proprietary STB middleware
  • No smart cards

Simplified security on Android TV

Widevine CAS opens the opportunity to operate your service with native STB security support.

Android TV

Easily secure your premium content across Android TV 9+ STBs.

Content monetization

Gain more value from your business model and infrastructure by saving on delivery.

We’ll get you to market fast

DRMtoday makes setting up Widevine CAS key management and entitlement simple. Our ready to use approach gets you running at low cost by avoiding custom development and lengthy implementations.

Cloud EMMG

Avoid an on-prem EMMG with our world-class cloud licensing delivery.

Widevine CAS ECMG
Take advantage of our Widevine CAS compliant ECMG either on-prem or securely in the cloud.
Supports DVB Simulcrypt to co-exist with your existing CAS.

Use the standard Android TV media framework and our PRESTOplay for Android SDK for quick player set up.

Easy admin

  • Manage and monitor your licensing activity through our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Reselling support to oversee your own clients.
  • Multi-tenancy for enterprise media groups to oversee their service brands.
DRMtoday dashboard
SOC partners

Hardware partners

We work directly with leading SOC vendors to ensure Widevine CAS works smoothly and securely across set-top boxes.


Seriously scalable

DRMtoday for Widevine CAS is built on our proven DRM license network. With billions of licenses delivered worldwide each year we easily scale to meet your growth.

DRM for OTT: Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay Streaming, Huawei WisePlay

Hybrid service

Not only does DRMtoday offer CAS, you can also access multiple DRM systems for protecting OTT streams across all screens.

Superb security

Hardware security

Widevine CAS enabled devices feature level 1 hardware security for HD, UHD, and HDR playback experiences.

Studio recognized protection

We don’t just help curb piracy, DRMtoday solves content owner protection requirements.

Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for DRMtoday

DRMtoday has received the Farncombe Security Audit® mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our service.

Need assistance deploying CAS?

We’ve been working with conditional access since 2007. Our deep experience is on your side to solve any challenges encountered along the way.

  • Enable STB hardware playback
  • ECMG customization
  • Headend integration
  • Hybrid OTT solutions

Let’s get technical

DRMtoday for Widevine CAS workflow

DRMtoday for Widevine CAS architecture
  1. At the headend, a scrambler encrypts the source video with often changing scrambling keys (control words). This is usually performed by a headend multiplexer.
  2. The Simulcrypt Synchronizer (SCS) sends these control words to the Entitlement Control Message Generator (ECMG) which wraps them with another, seldom changing service key (entitlement key).
  3. The ECMG talks to our DRMtoday license server over HTTPS to ingest and pull entitlement keys.
  4. The ECMG embeds the entitlement keys together with additional metadata into an Entitlement Control Message (ECM) and sends this back to the SCS.
  5. The headend sends the ECM to the Android TV device with the encrypted broadcast video.
  6. On the STB, our Widevine CAS enabled PRESTOplay player software asks DRMtoday for the entitlement key via HTTPS.
  7. If the customer is authorized, DRMtoday delivers Entitlement Management Messages (EMMs) which are special Widevine licenses containing the entitlement keys needed to unwrap control words. The broadcast stream can now be safely decrypted and played.
Widevine CAS
Widevine security level 1
Hardware-security licensing
In Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)
Entitlement key rotation Yes
Content key rotation Yes
Entitlement Control Message Generator (ECMG)
On-prem or as a managed cloud service
Supports DVB Simulcrypt
Entitlement Management Message Generator (EMMG) Yes
Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay Streaming, WisePlay
Playback use-cases
Delivery IPTV, DVB
Platform support Android TV 9+
Video format MPEG-TS
License delivery network
Server infrastructure Global multi-region AWS servers
Highly scalable Yes
Fault-tolerant & high global availability
Multiple instances per region for added redundancy
Low-latency licensing
Fast channel start times
Rapid world-wide key synchronization Yes
Online dashboard
Configure delivery and authentication behavior Yes
Extensive documentation Yes
Delivery logs and reporting
Including user device type
Reporting API
Examples: download delivery logs, monthly summaries
Configuration API
Examples: license delivery, user accounts
Reseller support and client management Yes
Customer support
Customer support portal Yes
24/7 support available (Gold SLA) Yes
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